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United States
We partnered up with Gilead to create a unique custom podcast that would dive into the challenges surrounding HIV in the South – In the Deep. This isn’t the story of media riding the coattails of creative, nor how smart media planning amplified another agencies’ creative idea. This a story about how media-driven cultural and consumer understanding opened the door for media-driven consumer facing executions which led to life-altering outcomes for a vulnerable population.
In Australia, LEGO is universally loved. Finding growth is hard as we’ve exhausted low hanging fruit. We needed to go after audiences who wouldn’t consider LEGO City – and these kids tended to be more drawn to active outdoors play (the antithesis of LEGO). So we needed an idea that wouldn’t just reach them, but win them over.  This campaign proves the power of going beyond off-the-shelf media properties to find new, more influential, and creatively rich opportunities to connect with hard to reach audiences.
United Kingdom
Amazon Music One Take Feat. Fortnite
We created Amazon Music One Take - a London-inspired, in-game hub within Fortnite, where players could enter and challenge themselves within a chosen map. The first; a cityscape arena drawing on iconic places from UK hip-hop folklore, where music unlocked eight music-sample powered puzzles. Next, a DJ-inspired bedroom map for classic Fortnite game modes; playing from the perspective of a toy soldier, a sniper battle in the bathroom, or fighter plane skirmish – all littered with music easter eggs. And an ultra-high BPM speed-run map, where players raced through the streets of London, across the UK to Edinburgh Castle, before travelling through Glastonbury to the pyramid stage.