Red Bull

International Soapbox Racing

Red Bull’s “International Soapbox Race” brought together 426 racers and over 55,000 attendees to this experiential masterpiece.

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Carefree Secret Talks

Carefree empowered Saudi Arabian women by educating them about feminine hygiene and providing them with “secret” help.

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KFC Arch Rivals

After a successful partnership with Lionel Messi, KFC lit a fire under fútbol by partnering with his arch-rival, Cristiano Ronaldo. The social firestorm ignited and KFC was right in the middle of the conversation.

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Help Me Choose

Initiative Australia simplified the car-buying process and put Hyundai/Kia at the top of everyone’s list

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Swedish Post Office

Dinner Arrangement

Celebrity conversation plays out in media to shine light on direct mail

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Find Pleasure 2×1

Geopositioning campaign leads consumers straight to ice cream brand

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Fanaticos Del Frio

Coors Light gave rabid soccer fans a 360 experience, an immersive behind-the-scenes look into LigaMX Futbol.

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One of a Kind – Complex

Dr. Pepper’s One of a Kind tour bus toured across the US, giving fans an unforgettable live music experience.

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Jorge the Waxing Coach

Veet introduced Jorge the Waxing Coach and changed consumer perception, successfully turning Germany into a waxing market

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