de Bijenkorf

Virtual Model Show

de Bijenkorf built a stunning interactive display for virtual modeling. Shoppers were able to “try on” a variety of outfits, without putting a single piece of clothing on.

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EDM – Powered by 7UP

7UP immersed itself in EDM, providing millennials with a once-in-a-lifetime experience at major festivals and engaging, behind-the-scenes digital content.

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Korean Air

The Interactive Window

Korean Air let passersby in NYC snap a photo of themselves via their interactive billboard with a backdrop of any destination they desired, all for a chance to win a $500 travel voucher.

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Believe in Something Bigger

Through breathtaking outdoor media and buzz worthy experiences, California Lottery convinced Californians to “believe in something bigger.”

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Kia Soul – “The Voice” Integration

Through thoughtful integrations and groundbreaking experiences, Kia positioned itself as the biggest star in America’s #1 reality singing show, “The Voice.”


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Red Bull

International Soapbox Racing

Red Bull’s “International Soapbox Race” brought together 426 racers and over 55,000 attendees to this experiential masterpiece.

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Carefree Secret Talks

Carefree empowered Saudi Arabian women by educating them about feminine hygiene and providing them with “secret” help.

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KFC Arch Rivals

After a successful partnership with Lionel Messi, KFC lit a fire under fútbol by partnering with his arch-rival, Cristiano Ronaldo. The social firestorm ignited and KFC was right in the middle of the conversation.

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Help Me Choose

Initiative Australia simplified the car-buying process and put Hyundai/Kia at the top of everyone’s list

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